Martian Dreams 19Momme Silk Eye Mask – Counting Sheep

Martian Dreams 19Momme Silk Eye Mask – Counting Sheep


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Our Martian Dreams silk eye mask comes with a large does of fun and cheek. We have taken our signature sheep and put it just where you might be counting sheep to get to sleep, hopefully with our eye mask it will be much much easier! Made from 19 momme silk, this is the finest smoothest feeling you'll get on your face, plus with the silk floss filling, it will block out nearly all the light and provide you a chance to sleep in pure blackness. The adjustable strap is super comfortable and will allow for adjustments from 16cm to 28cm meaning it will fit kids and adults alike. We've decided also to present this in a gift box so that you can give it to people you know who need it. The gift wrapping includes tissue paper inside and a plastic free packaging throughout. That does mean we chose to put the ear plugs in without their plastic case, but that is so we don't add any plastic to the packaging. Being eco-friendly in our choices of packaging is important to the Martian Made brand.


  • ★ 100% NATURALLY BREATHABLE MATERIAL ★ 19 Momme silk eye mask is also filled with pure silk floss making it ultra comfortable and light weight. Silk helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • ★ BLACKOUT ★ Blocks out 99.5% of all light and ensures you get the rest you need to prevent puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • ★ ADJUSTABLE STRAP ★ Ensures it fits most head shapes and sizes without being too tight, and flexible to ensure most sleep positions won't affect it. Adjustable from 16cm to 28cm, fitting adults and kids.
  • ★ ECO-PACKAGING ★ Presented in a beautiful gift box with lovely tissue wrap, AND it's totally free of single use plastic packaging.
  • ★ EXTRAS ★ Comes with some ear plugs (loose packed so we don't use plastic in the packaging), and a travel carry pouch for easy storage. ALSO comes with a dose of extra fun!

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